The Best Metaverse Platform for 2022

We put all metaverse platforms to the test to select the best on the market. Our selection of the best platforms are based on the following important criteria: usability, openness, software quality, innovation, investment potential, features and other important elements. After crunching the numbers we have found a winner for best metaverse project 2022.

Metaverse platforms seek to be trustworthy and high quality and we expect that a metaverse project in 2022 performs with outstanding functionality. Тhe market is divided into distinct categories:

One important component here is the link to NFTs. Of course, based on strict criteria, the platforms should be linked flawlessly to NFT minting. Most of them already are, as you will see below. However, if you come across a metaverse platform that is lacking this feature, please keep in mind it should be coming soon.

Now dive into the finest Metaverses, builders and gaming platforms:

MetaverseType of MetaverseHighlightsRatingOfficial Website
VR Solutions
  • Pioneer immerssive content
  • Masters of VR and AR technologies
Virtual World
  • The first-ever virtual world owned by its users
  • Create, explore and trade
  • Medical education platform
  • Working on XR, haptics and machine learning
  • The fitness metaverse
  • Provide users with an immersive fitness experience
  • A world vastly beyond imagination
  • Formulate a strategy and make your claim
What is Metaverse

What is a Metaverse?

A metaverse is a digital world in which all real-world activities are combined into one user experience. It utilizes virtual reality and augmented reality which allows the user to play games, meet other users via video chats or live streams, trade cryptocurrencies or NFTs, use email and much more. In this virtual environment you can create your virtual self and explore all the possibilities of the metaverse, limited only by your imagination.

We have chosen the best metaverse companies in our metaverse listings, all of which are working hard to bring their metaverse to the next level. You can check below for some of the most promising metaverse projects which are already online.

Metaverse is not only about gaming. There are many other areas of application where virtual and augmented reality can be used – for example in healthcare for practicing or performing surgeries, in the automotive industry where a navigation system can show 3D images of real objects and relative information along a driving route.

How We Rank Metaverse Projects

How we compare metaverse platforms is a complex process which includes detailed research and sorting the features of the platform. The first and most important thing that we look for is the type of metaverse the platform is offering. All of them are classified by specific categories which are carefully chosen for their target market. Following this logic we rank the metaverses separately between games, health, art, marketplaces and so on.

We have a metaverse platform ranking for each category, check them out here.

Metaverse Games Projects

It will not come as a surprise that there is a huge demand for metaverse gaming. The VR revolution can give a player an amazing new world which will satisfy even the most devout gamer. We are talking about a metaverse where you can connect to marketplaces to buy or sell rare artefacts or NFTs in an entirely new way; a virtual space where you can enjoy extraordinary events or concerts and allow you the opportunity to create them yourself. Furthermore, you have the possibility of jumping from game to game through portals with your avatar.

We have a lot of features in mind as we give you our metaverse games list. When it comes to metaverses, there are still many upcoming projects and features that have not yet been rolled out or even invented. If you want to have a look over the best metaverse platform, you can check out our top picks or you can have a look at our more specific list which gives our pick for the best websites with developed game metaverses:

Decentraland VR World

Decentraland Is Virtual World Owned by Its Users

Sandbox VR World

Sandbox Is Virtual World Made by Players

The Dark Metaverse VR Universe

The Dark Metaverse Is a Virtual Universe

We are constantly updating this information, so check back in often to see what’s new.

Awesome Metaverse Projects Worth Following

Metaverse projects are growing rapidly. An immersive world packed with interactive experiences is emerging in front of us and economic opportunities are heavily integrated thanks to the developing play-to-earn model and NFTs. All eyes are now focused on Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse. He plans to invest $10 billion dollars in the first year alone. Facebook sees AR and VR as the core of “the next generation of online social experiences.”

At the moment we think that these metaverse projects have huge potential: AcknoLedger, Crucible Network, Ex Populus and Netvrk. Check out the top high-value platforms:

  • Facebook sees AR and VR
  • AcknoLedger
  • Crucible Network
  • Ex Populus
  • Netvrk
  • Decentraland
  • Ufogaming Project
  • Sandbox
  • Veyondmetaverse
  • Shoefy

There are many more platforms that can come with great VR solutions and interesting interactive features for the solo user and business world. If you are looking for some of the best and upcoming metaverse listings, make sure to check our page regularly.

Business Metaverse Projects

In a world where traditional retail is struggling, the metaverse allows businesses to pivot seamlessly by merging their physical and digital goods and reclaiming what it means to sell to customers. Businesses that want to make a splash and establish a brand identity in the metaverse will need to offer NFTs - digital certificates of ownership, that have exploded in popularity this year. Metaverse business projects offer new experiences for the user. Take fashion house Gucci for example, which just debuted Gucci Garden, an immersive multimedia environment where Roblox users may explore and purchase items. A limited edition digital Gucci handbag available through the experience sold for more than $4,000 (more than its physical equivalent), demonstrating the value that exists within virtual platforms. The metaverse gives opportunities to both big and small companies. Immersive content is going to expand further in the future. We have companies like Visualise, FundamentalVR.

Can you invest in Metaverse Projects?

You can invest in metaverse projects in four ways:

1.Buy Metaverse Stocks

There are many publicly traded companies that are involved in creating metaverses. Facebook (Meta) is an example of a stock you can buy if you want to invest into the metaverse. Other similar stocks are Roblox, Nvidia, Unity Corp.

2.Metaverse ETFs

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a collection of securities that trade on a stock market. People can buy into a metaverse ETF to invest in different companies that are already making the metaverse a reality. For example, the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF was designed to allow everyone to invest and profit from it. Investors can gain exposure to firms including Nvidia, Microsoft, Roblox, Tencent, Unity, and Amazon through Roundhill Investment's ETF.

3. Crypto tokens

Virtual world tokens are tokens that are associated with the VR sector. Virtual world tokens can be used to purchase land and in-game goods such as avatars, skins and wearables in the virtual world.

A great example of this is Decentraland’s tokens called $MANA and $LAND. MANA is the native transaction utility token. LAND is a non-fungible token which symbolizes digital land.

4.Metaverse NFTs

NFTs and crypto-assets will be crucial to metaverse development and adoption, allowing users to move their avatars and virtual assets from one world to another seamlessly and instantaneously. People may now buy virtual pieces of land and even design their own landscapes using NFTs on metaverse platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Crypto Metaverse Projects

The metaverse evolves in tandem with the virtual world. A metaverse is a shared virtual 3D area designed to take the role of social media and all interactions on the internet as we know it. Web 3.0's progress has an impact on the technology sector by making it more accessible to the general public and making the space more realistic. There have been metaverse crypto projects supported by large institutions to make the metaverse a reality. This is the metaverse project list that you don’t want to miss.

1. Decentraland

Decentraland is a blockchain-based gaming platform which uses NFTs and smart contracts. In Argentina the platform was launched in 2016. Decentraland makes use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, which combines the real world with a digitally produced version. The platform, like all NFT games, gives you an open space to exchange items from the games. A gamer can make money while playing. It includes land ownership based on concepts that are comparable to those seen in real life.

MANA is a medium of exchange on Coinbase for in-game items. Any willing party can participate in the exchange.

2. The Sandbox

Sandbox is an Ethereum-based virtual platform that was first introduced in 2012. As a gaming platform, it provides opportunities for gamers and investors to engage in both gaming and trade.

The platform is designed to function as an ecosystem, allowing anybody to produce, share, and trade digital goods. Many of these items are online gaming collectibles. A player can play multiple games with the same character. All that is required is to play two avatars and land, both of which are included in the assets. It's so popular because it allows gamers to earn money in a variety of ways.

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an NFT metaverse game that focuses on virtual pet breeding. Virtual pets must be collected in order to level up. They serve as the platform's digital asset for trading.

Many gamers (who may or may not be crypto traders) have been urged to participate in pay-to-win games. In the Philippines, over 60% of the population plays the Axie Infinity game.

4. Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi, commonly known as Metaverse Litepaper, is an Ethereum-based NFT game project. It also has a loan system known as Aave.

The release of a new ERC-20 coin called Gotchus Alchemica has given the platform a boost. Tokens yield to tokens as more NFTs are added to the game. The initiative is based on a system that enhances the value of NFTs as users invest more in the platform, and vice versa.

These are just some of the projects which demonstrate growth of The Metaverse. It's difficult to say when we'll be able to live in the metaverse, but one thing is certain: the time will come!

Metaverse Project With Open Source

With the increasing demand of transferring the physical world into the virtual to allow customization by the player and creation of entirely customizable worlds, large-scale developers and metaverse engine support are needed.

An open-source metaverse project is free and scalable software that can be used by multiple participants and developed incrementally. Some projects already provide an open-source metaverse engine, along the lines of the commercial equivalent, but the developers can access it free of charge.

Some of the most popular open source metaverse projects so far are:

Upcoming Metaverse Projects

Metaverse engineering is a fast-paced, advanced space where the most innovative companies are competing with each other to bring new features and win more users. They are acquiring billions of dollars from investors to improve and evolve their metaverses with new options, games, and enhanced reality. The metaverse is going to be the future of our everyday life. Enthusiasts are gaining in number on a daily basis, and so are new projects.

If you would like to be informed about upcoming metaverse projects, we recommend visiting our website for regular updates.

Frequently Asked

The new metaverse world comes with a lot of things yet to be discovered, understood and explained.
We have tried to answer some of the basic questions to get you started:

Final Words

The metaverse listings above contain some of the best current projects, and any one of them might become your go-to virtual place if you want to invest, create or play.

Our team is dedicated to researching new and upcoming metaverse projects so our lists are always up to date with the most useful content. Enjoy!

Always feel free to contact us for any questions or advice.

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